Development Services

Why use a professional membership program development agency?

For the same reason we entrust our lives to Fire/EMS professionals in medical emergencies…qualified, capable & experienced.

Any viable enterprise entails the use of professional disciplines and visionary management. A successful Membership Campaign must involve an experienced marketing team in the following sequence of services:

  • A Comprehensive Feasibility Study and Revenue Analysis
  • Image and Public Relations Strategy
  • Public Information & Education Plan Development
  • Coordination of Production, Services and Schedules
  • Administration and Implementation of Communication Campaign
  • Acquisition, Enrollment, Fulfillment and Retention Programs
  • Ongoing Consultation, Planning and Positioning

Our organization is a full-service research, design, marketing, production and management agency. We have worked for decades effectively communicating targeted messages to specific membership markets using a broad range of methods and media.

Using information relative to your EMS ambulance service area, we develop strategies to inform and educate the public as to the value of an EMS membership program. Our strategies address basic needs and are focused on the inherent benefit to each individual member. We will include the following marketing and media options in our considerations:

  • Direct Response Enrollment Programs
  • Community Relations Programs
  • Collateral Materials – Local Promotions
  • Direct Contact Retention Development
  • Website Design & On-line Registration
  • Interactive On-line Informational Sites
  • Signage Design for Transit Ads & Billboards
  • Audio Visual Presentations – Power Point
  • Co-marketing Campaign Development
  • Newspaper Articles & Advertising
  • Television and Radio Media Management
  • Specialty Advertising Premiums

Our creative team includes researchers, media advertising experts, designers, illustrators, copywriters, typesetters and photographers. Our production staff implements all aspects of fulfillment assuring on-time, on-budget execution of campaign requirements.