Getting Your Program Started

FireMed: Important Initial Considerations

DEFINITION OF SERVICE: Before setting up a membership program, it is important to define your service and to research any possible limitations of State law. There may be State requirements, or it may be necessary to establish that the proposed membership program is not insurance coverage. From our perspective it is legally definable as "prepaid group co-pay," or a simple "pay for services" relationship. Regardless, you should clearly define the benefits of your service in the public benefit.

Please CLICK HERE to access a model of Terms of Agreement for your members.

COMMITMENT TO COMMUNICATION: Ambulance membership programs are an excellent investment for many families, but they do not sell themselves. To make the program successful, it is necessary for the Fire/EMS provider to establish a communication and public education program, to promote the membership program widely.

It is also essential to enlist emergency and administrative personnel to integrate educational, informational and public relations campaigns to communicate to local residents. These efforts are designed to improve the EMS provider's relationship with the community and help assure the long-term success of the membership campaign.

DEDICATED EMS FUND: As ambulance membership programs grow and mature, additional features and benefits may be offered. Most ambulance service providers have arranged for citizens to pay their membership fees directly to a special "FireMed EMS Fund" dedicated to enhancing member benefits, thus securing a continuous source of membership fee revenue and creating a powerful public relations base with community constituents.

With a dedicated EMS fund the Fire Chief can direct spending to the highest benefit of the department and the FireMed members.

BROAD AREA RECIPROCITY: In many areas, Emergency Medical Service providers are undertaking area-wide marketing of membership programs and sharing of information and resources as well as offering reciprocal benefits to members of other "sister" programs. This creates a "win-win" for all participating providers as well as for members and it creates additional community goodwill at little or no cost.

Often reciprocal relationships will generate mutually beneficial cooperation between public and private providers. Everybody wins.

 FireMed is Win, Win, Win!

We are excited and inspired about working with you. We believe that the Paramedic Ambulance Membership Program of your Fire/EMS Department provides an essential service for the safety and security of our community.

The goal of a successful membership program is that it helps fund the high quality emergency ambulances response services of your Fire Department. High levels of professional training, excellent ambulance equipment, full paramedic level staffing, cutting edge medical technologies and onboard communication systems. All cost money and requires adequate funding.

We all know that adequate funding is under significant threat. General fund budgets are strained, special levies and bonds seldom pass, equipment wears our and operational costs increase each year. Funding is a problem. That's why we invented the FireMed Ambulance Membership Revenue Program.

 A membership program is a classic win/win/win situation

MEMBERS WIN by having the peace of mind that they will not have to pay more than their annual membership fee for emergency medical services that they and their family may need. They protect themselves against unforeseen emergency medical costs and by being members they help to support high quality life saving services that they have come to trust.

EMS SERVICE PROVIDERS WIN since they have increased revenues for personnel, training and equipment, the image of the Fire Department is enhanced and community support is improved.

THE COMMUNITY WINS by enhancing the safety and security of our constituents.

 FireMed: A Proven Track Record:

The FireMed Ambulance Membership Program offers market-tested methodologies and a proven track record. We look forward to helping you build revenues and serve your community with improved EMS revenues and capabilities.

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