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Public & Private Program Development

An Open Letter to Fire Chiefs:

Chief Dennis Murphy. (Ret.)

Dear Chief,

We are living in extremely difficult times especially in regards to funding Public Services. We have proven that an EMS membership program is an excellent tool for improving service, enhancing community support and generating new revenues.

Our goals are simple:

  1. Develop additional revenues for Fire/EMS departments
  2. Fund new levels of Fire/EMS training & response capability
  3. Acquire & maintaining new emergency equipment & technology
  4. Offset inadequate reimbursements from Medicare & Medicaid
  5. Create reciprocal network coverage through interagency agreements

Our resource network, with over 35 years of experience, has dedicated itself to helping create and grow fire department based EMS Membership Programs. We feel it is an essential public service that protects us, our families and friends in the event of a medical emergency. The entire community benefits.

We understand the complexities and challenges facing both public and private EMS service providers. Our network is dedicated to providing economical solutions that enhance revenues by building strong EMS membership programs.

Thank you for considering our network to assist you in developing your own local FireMed EMS Membership Revenue Program. We are equipped and experienced to help you strategize, design, and implement a successful and profitable program.

Thanks again for your consideration.
Best Regards,

Chief Dennis Murphy. (Ret.)
Director of Operations
Finance & Planning

Bruce Glidden
Senior Program Director
Implementation Management