What is a Successful Program?

Enhance Revenues & Improve Services

We are all aware that adequate funding is now under significant threat. General Fund budgets are strained, special levies and bond issues are a challenge, equipment needs upgrading and operational costs increase each year. Funding is a problem... that's why we created the FireMed Ambulance Membership Program.

FireMed will create revenue, help you enhance services, save people money, and establish a strong and loyal membership constituency.

The FireMed concept, image and public communication strategies have proven success in the marketplace. Positive public perception is based upon successfully communicating the benefits of the program, which produces increased revenues and create a loyal and informed membership community. That's what we call a "successful program."

Here is a five step summary of how our resource network functions in developing a successful FireMed EMS Membership Program:

Step 1: Identify your program goals and objectives. Discuss the undertakings required to benefit your agency and your community.

Step 2: Analyze your budgetary and revenue expectations. We will work with you to clearly define your target(s) with respect to your specific community using some of the following sources of information:

  • Geographics
  • Ethnographics
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics

Step 3: Develop communication and education programs. This involves defining the components to be included in your program, the pricing of your program, and developing a marketing and media budget.

Step 4: Determine the most effective informational and educational strategies. The best tactics are concerned with selecting the media and the creative concepts to most effectively reach your target market. It is different for every ambulance service district due to varying social and economic conditions. We maximize the use of public service annoucements and other free promotional opportunities.

Step 5: Implement your membership acquisition program. The creative concepts are fully developed, locally relevant copy is written, direct contact materials are produced and the media schedule implemented. You will be informed and involved in the entire process and approval of all strategies, planning, budgeting production, and implementation.

We make it simple, fast and easy for you.