Become a certified FireMed Agency

We understand the complexities and challenges facing both public and private EMS service providers. With over 40 years of experience and many devoted partners, our resource network has dedicated itself to helping create and grow public sector EMS Membership Revenue Programs.

FireMed Creates Revenue: Ambulance Membership Programs are an effective method of creating additional revenues for Fire/EMS departments, while meeting the needs of communities to maintain high quality emergency medical response services.

FireMed Saves Money: FireMed helps working families and individuals protect themselves from the high cost of emergency medical treatment and transport. For retirees, and people on Medicare or Medicaid with limited or fixed incomes FireMed membership is especially critical to their safety and financial security.

Overcome Inadequate Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement: The mission of Emergency Fire/EMS agencies is to save lives and help protect the security of our communities. Our mission is at risk as costs increase and Federal Government programs decrease their reimbursement for emergency services rendered to people on Medicare and Medicaid. FireMed helps overcome their problem.

FireMed membership can be the solution.

Taxes are not the answer: We all recognize that we have entered a new and more difficult era for funding even the most critical community services. General Fund budgets are strained to the breaking point and we will all continue to share in the pain and risk of diminishing resources. The answer is to create a voluntary membership program that allows us all to support and protect our most important priority, our life-saving Fire/EMS department.

Support your Fire/EMS budget: Make the decision to implement proven strategies that will increase your revenues. Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, integrate your efforts with other seasoned professionals who have the experience and resources to create new revenue streams. We are convinced that a success-based Emergency Ambulance Membership Program is the answer. The proven FireMed program minimizes your risk, maximizes your return and makes your job easier, while providing additional revenues for your department.

Thank you for considering our network to assist you with your department's FireMed Ambulance Membership Program. We are equipped and experienced to help you strategize, design, and implement a successful program that will increase your operating revenues.

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